Positioning and attaching the baby is something that will take time to get the hang of. It does get easier. If you have pain or have any concerns speak to your midwife or health visitor, who can help you tweak the latch and signpost you to other breastfeeding support.

Breastfeeding takes practice. It takes time to work out which feeding and burping positions feel best. There aren’t 'correct' positions – it's about what feels most comfortable for you, so try them out to see which feels best.

NHS Start4Life have some great tips and diagrams on how to position and latch your baby.

Peer supporter Sara shows us how to position baby

This video shows why good attachment is so important to breastfeeding success and what a mother can do to get her baby to attach well. You can also look find some more tips from LLL on different techniques you might have recommended for you, to get a deeper latch including the 'flipple' and laid back breastfeeding.

This video is a great demonstration of a baby attached and feeding well with commentary by Dr Jack Newman, a Canadian paediatrician.

Phil Parrett, IBCLC from East Kent Hospitals Maternity talks us through the first 48 hours with your baby.

Mum Niki and baby Maren, from Canterbury

"Well to be honest, breastfeeding was a lot harder than I thought it would be. There were many times I could’ve easily given up but I decided to just take it one feed at a time. I told myself I could stop at any time - no pressure. Then one feed at a time became one day, then one week, then a month and I set myself a six month goal.  We’ll carry on as long as it feels right. The best bits are the bond it creates (when you’ve got the technique down!) and the fact that you can just grab nappies and wipes and out you go!"