There may be times when you need to express your milk including in the early days if you are separated from your baby, or if you are trying to increase your milk supply or to relieve engorgement.  Later on you might express milk to leave for your baby if you want some time away.

The NHS website has lots of information and tips on expressing milk for your baby by hand or with a pump, how to store, and later give your baby the milk.  Here are some tips on bottle feeding a breastfed baby.

Here is some more useful information on a technique called 'hands on' pumping that helps to maximise the milk a woman can produce for her baby.

Mum Teresa is learning how to express milk by hand for newborn Rufus

If you would like to borrow a breast pump, it is possible to hire one directly from the manufacturers Ardo or Medela.

The local specialist infant feeding teams in Kent and in Medway have some pumps available for women accessing this support. Please contact your local infant feeding team for more information:

Kent residents

Medway residents or call 07791043190

Spice and baby Nelly, from Gravesend

''It makes me very proud when I look down at my daughter and see that she is happy and healthy because of me and only me!"