#BesideYou wants every woman to feel empowered to breastfeed her child.

There are lots of resources available for young parents-to-be and new parents online.

Websites for young parents

The place for young parents' with information, chatrooms for young parents and a buddying scheme.

Breastfeeding website for young women.

Young dads TV
Youtube channel with videos for young dads.

Watch Shannon from MTV’s Teen Mom UK and her son Theodore talking about what breastfeeding means to them, or follow Shannon on Instagram.

Hear from younger mothers who have breastfed their little ones about the challenges and the highs from breastfeeding

Dylan and baby Elijah, from Margate

"Breastfeeding for me is very empowering and is almost a social statement! It’s what my body was made to do, and I’m going to breastfeed for as long as my son still wants to. I also volunteer as a breastfeeding supporter, I love helping other mums create the same special bond me and Elijah have."