Thinking about breastfeeding. Learn about the benefits, and how to get ready to start once baby arrives.

How do I prepare to breastfeed?

There’s lots you can do while pregnant, to help you feel more confident and get ...
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What can I do to get breastfeeding off to the best start?

After your baby is born, hold him against your skin as soon as possible, and ...
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How to keep baby calm and help grow their brain

Breastfeeding and cuddles with mum and partner are a big comfort to little people out ...
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What do I need to breastfeed?

Nursing bras and vests have special clips, snaps, or hooks to allow you to fold ...
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Why breastfeed?

Your breastmilk is perfectly designed for your baby. As well as having all the nutrients ...
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Common breastfeeding myths

You should only eat plain food while breastfeeding. Myth. Breastfeeding mothers need to eat a ...
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Should I harvest colostrum before my baby is born?

If you’re having a healthy, straightforward pregnancy, there’s no reason to start expressing colostrum, before ...
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How can I tell breastfeeding is going well?

When you first start breastfeeding, you may wonder if your baby is getting enough milk. ...
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